Apologies for lack of posts, we are still here and having a great time, in fact so much so we keep forgetting to post. Efforts must be doubled! 🙂

There was a great buzz Thursday night with all sorts going on and plenty of interesting and fun chat.

The Hackspace has turned into somewhat of a 3D printer fest recently with 4 recently constructed and working and another 4 in production. We have the following types;


We had many other things going on such as ATX Psu conversion, thermal printer repair, yarn making, raspberry pi intelligent power supply construction, speaker repair and LED cube jig building.

We also had a visit from the curator of Woking Light Box Gallery, Peter was very interested in everything we do and is interested in us displaying and possibly running some events at a digital art exhibition next year.

ATX Psu convesion

Prusa i3 with auto bed leveller

Thernal printer repair

General geekery construcion

Raspberry Pi PSU construction

Looking forward to next week and hopefully we’ll see some new faces amongst the familiar.

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