The Official Surrey and Hampshire Makerspace rules:

Top Rules

0. Do not be on fire.
The most cardinal rule of every hackspace. Be safe to yourself and others. PPE is often available, so use it.
1. Be awesome to each other.

The Makerspace is a shared space with a variety of members. You should treat each and every person who visits the space with the same respect you’d expect from them. Follow the rules.

Safety Rules

2. Don’t use tools and machines unless you are able to safely.
Be reasonable and know your limits – ability, skills, and the required knowledge are very important in your, and everyone else’s, safety. We provide training for any Makerspace tool.
3. Don’t let other members break rule #1
Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you have concerns and want to remain anonymous, email the Directors.
4. It’s always okay to ask for help.
Help is available – ask on the forum, Slack, or in the space if you have any questions, need assistance or want any training.
5. Do Not Hack
If it’s not obvious already, don’t take apart, modify, or change tools and machines in the space, or any item labelled “do not hack”. If in doubt, ask.
6. If you break something, address it.
If you break a (or come across a broken) tool or machine in the space, do not ignore it. Fix it, or inform the Directors as soon as possible. A broken item is a safety liability.


7. Keep the space tidy.
Try not to leave your items everywhere, or leave the space in a messy condition. Clean up after yourself, and leave it the way you’d expect to find it.
8. Don’t live at the space.
Make sure you understand rule #6 – this isn’t your home, don’t treat it like that – and don’t sleep there.
9. Respect other people’s belongings and space.
Don’t move people’s things without asking them – don’t work on their projects without their permission. If a machine might still be in use, don’t take it over without checking first.


Failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in disciplinary action. The Directors have the right to impose sanctions in the name of everyone’s safety. This is not something they want to do, nor is it something they have ever had to do – don’t be the first!


13. Don’t Leo yourself.
It’s important to look after yourself, so always stay safe and don’t attempt projects you’re not comfortable with.