Plans for Friday session 30/09

Just a little update for this week’s session. We’re still in the process of refurbishing our new space, so for now we’re sticking to just Friday for our open nights. However, due to the somewhat chaotic state of the space at the moment (more hammers’n’saws than arduinos’n’laptops), we’re limiting it to members only for now. Obviously if you’re in the area you’re welcome to pop by and have a look, but I wouldn’t expect any fancy makerspacey stuff going on just yet.

Watch this space…



Guildford WI Autumn Fair

WI Autumn Fair

Just a quick heads-up that we will be attending the Guildford WI Autumn Fair on the 24th of Sept. (Details here)

Come and see our 3D printing demonstration and peruse our selection of gift ideas and grab a cup of tea and scrumptious slice of cake at the same time!


September Schedule

This is a bit comically late, but our recent move to the Boileroom has been rather distracting 🙂

  • Friday 2nd September – 18:30 at Games Galaxy
  • Friday 9th September – 18:30 at Games Galaxy
  • Friday 16th September – Cancelled due to refurbishment
  • Friday 23rd September – 18:30 at The Boileroom!
  • Friday 30th September – 18:30 at The Boileroom

Once we’re settled a bit and the access systems are all in place, we’ll be implementing some more open sessions, and wider access for members at any time.

The Boileroom


August schedule

August is looking like another interesting month. A number of members are going to be attending EMF camp, and plans for a permanent space are advancing!

There’s one Friday evening session that isn’t happening. Here’s the schedule for August and a sneak peek at the sign going to EMF camp:

  • Friday 5th August (18:30)
  • Friday 12th August – CANCELLED
  • Friday 19th August (18:30)
  • Friday 26th August (18:30)

MyStorm makes the news

A picture of Ken Boak and Alan Wood

Surrey & Hampshire Makerspace member Alan Wood, and Ken Boak have a project on the tech news site Hackaday‘s front page!

The industrious pair have been hard at work designing and prototyping a new board called MyStorm:

A prototype MyStorm board

MyStorm is a low cost development platform for digital devices based on FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) and ARM technology.

The MyStorm project should provide a great basis for makers to develop some rather advanced and interesting projects.

You can find out more about the board in this blog post by Ken.


Monthly updates…

IMPORTANT: Sadly our regular first Sunday of the month sessions will no longer be happening. Friday evenings though will be carrying on as normal with a few exceptions.
Here’s what the revised schedule looks like:

  • Friday 1st July (18:30)
  • Sunday ??? July – Sunday sessions are now cancelled
  • Friday 8th July (18:30)
  • Friday 15th July (19:00 – 21:30)
  • Friday 22nd July – CANCELLED
  • Friday 29th July (18:30)

There’s also exciting news in the land of the Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace/Makerspace. Our directors have been working hard to try to find us a permanent location. Obviously this is going to mean changes; a new location, a need to charge membership fees (to cover the costs), and a new space to make our own.
Nothing’s certain yet, and it will take time. But watch this space, and the Forum for updates.



There’s a break to normal proceedings for two weeks to be aware of.

That means that the revised schedule looks like this:

  • Friday 27th May – No regular session
  • Friday 3rd June – No regular session
  • Sunday 5th June – No Sunday session
  • Friday 10th June (18:30)
  • Friday 17th June (18:30)
  • Friday 24th June (18:30)

In the mean time here are some pictures from recent meetings to keep you entertained.

Soldering iron used to embed metal inserts into 3D part

Mark puts virtual reality to good use flipping some virtual burgers.Spinning a yarn at the Surrey & Hampshire Makerspace.A box of Lego gears; soon to be part of a ingenious mechanical project.A small flotilla of 3D printed boats (test pieces for printer calibration).A very early prototype of a stair climbing robot.A special magnetically sensitive sheet being used to show the magnetic field from the magnets in an iPad cover.


May Schedule

First of all apologies for the late posting of this months schedule. With that out of the way, here it is:

  • Sunday 1st May (13:00 – 18:00)
  • Friday 6th May (18:30)
  • Friday 13th May (18:30)
  • Friday 20th May (18:30)
  • NO SESSION – Friday 27th May

Makerspace close to hitting funding target!

We are doing incredibly well with our membership pledges! Thank you to all who have generously pledged so far. You can view a few graphs detailing the pledge amounts here.

We are now still looking for just a few more founding members to help us reach our target. If anyone would like to pledge membership to help us have our very own 24/7 Makerspace, please fill out this questionnaire.

For more details of the costing we are expecting, please see the posts in the Spacening thread on the forum, which is updated with the different premises we are investigating.

Thanks once again to all pledgers for their support.