If you’ve ever wondered what goes on at a typical members’ evening at the Surrey & Hampshire Makerspace then the answer is I don’t think there is a typical evening.

At our most recent weekly members’ evening one member was in the early stages of hand making a pair of shoes

A prototype for a hand made shoe in the process of being stitched together.

Meanwhile the Makerspace’s 3D printer carried on making drawers to fit in the front of our workbenches:

The laser cutter was also in use, with the scent of gently vapourised bay leaves adding an unusual note to the evening.

A bay leaf with a laser radiation warning symbol engraved into it by our laser cutter

It turns out that our laser cutter is almost too powerful to cut engrave designs on leaves. As you can see though we did manage finally dial in some settings that just nicely skeletonised the areas we wanted.

Laser engraving leaves also proved difficult as they are very light and were easily disturbed so completely reducing a leaf to a just the delicate structure of veins proved impossible for now.

Members’ evenings continue every Tuesday evening from 7:15pm, non-members can come and take a look at the space and what’s going on by prior arrangement.

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