A very large mahogany bladed fan in a concrete surroundThe 30 foot diameter mahogany fan that powered the wind tunnel.

Farnborough has played an important role in the history of both aviation and our makerspace. Last weekend it was also host to a unique musical event.

The Modular Café Aldershot (MODCAF) a local community of modular synth enthusiasts organised a one of a kind musical event called TEST CHAMBER LIVE in Q121, a historic wind tunnel building.

Part of a larger project the event brought together performers using modular synthesizers, giving them a chance to compose, collaborate, perform and record in this unique space.

I was helping out with a beginners soldering workshop on the Sunday, where people had the chance to build a Disintegrated Cracklebox a touch controlled noise synth.

Unfortunately the event was a one off, but FAST (Farnborough Air Sciences Trust) continue to run Wind Tunnel Tours which give you the chance to visit the Wind Tunnels and learn more about them from their knowledgeable volunteers.

If you’re local and interested in learning to solder keep an eye on our blog, as we hope to be announcing some workshops which are likely to include soldering for beginners.

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