Another busy Hackspace session last night.

We had lot of 3D printer construction, we even got one of our new builds to control all steppers and make the head and body move, a big step forwards in the construction!

Paul was work on his raspberry pi NES emulator, which is coming along nicely. There was amateur radio being used, lock picking and much more.

We also had a visit for Malcolm and Hannah of TVRRUG fame to drop of reels of PLA which go with the print kit many of us are building, they also kindly helped get Matt’s RepRap electronics working.

We spent some time tidying up the bundles of cables on our printers last night before wiring them;

  • Attach the end of the cable set to the end of a battery drill.
  • Wind the cable until it is well wound.
  • Detach and let any excess winding unwind to it’s natural state.
This then left us with nice tidy bound lengths of cable.

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