It’s been a busy few months for SHM!

We’ve more or less completed our renovation works at the Boileroom and our members have started coming along regularly, working on their many projects. Our fancy laser cutter is installed, working and has already been producing a variety of projects. The laser cutter is a very nice addition, as (for those who don’t know) it is much faster at creating a variety of items – and from cheap materials, too.

a case for an EMF TILDA badge

Milling Machine

We’re looking to expand the machinery available to our members – one new potential addition is a milling machine, for creating all sorts of shapes out of materials like aluminium and steel. This is open to pledges, so if that’s something you’re interested in using or you’d like to know more, please visit the forum thread for more information.



We now have a Slack channel! This is a chat room where a lot of our members gather to discuss projects and generally be social. There’s quite a few of us there in the daytime and evenings – coming to say hello is quite easy 🙂


Next week will be our AGM, currently limited to our members. If you’re a member and want to come voice your opinions and help shape the Makerspace, do feel free to pop along – details are on the member’s area of our forum.

If you’re not a member though, do please feel free to pop along to one of our Open Sessions! These run every Tuesday and Friday from around 18:00 onwards. We often have all sorts going on, so if it’s a flying visit for a chat, you want to come see what a Makerspace is all about, or you have a project idea – feel free to pop along. We advertise our open sessions on our Forum, which is also bustling with lots more information on the ‘space.

Hope to see you soon!


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