Benefits of Membership

So – you’re thinking about joining SHM, or maybe you just want to join a Makerspace. Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself already to take the plunge, but want to know what you get with your membership.

We have only one membership level, which is £25 per month. This gets you:

  • Access to all of the Makerspace equipment.
    We have a laser cutter, 3D printer, electronics workbench, engineering tools and more hand tools you can shake a screwdriver at!). These things would cost you hundreds if not thousands of pounds to acquire yourself.
  • All of the training you might need to use any of our equipment.
    Need to solder something but don’t know how? Perhaps the learning curve outweighs the allure of the laser cutter. Don’t fear – all of the knowledge you need to do anything at the space is free of charge.
  • Access to the Makerspace24/7. A private working space full of everything you need to make something.
    Our membership fees pay for the rent and upkeep of our space, and that’s it. Each member gets a badge that allows them access into the space whenever they fancy – how cool is that?
  • Discounted prices to events, workshops and talks.
    We’ve run quite a few workshops in the past, as well as hosted some great talks. We hope to have a firm schedule of interesting, relevant talks as well as informative skill workshops. If there’s something you’d like to present, do let us know – we have a beer/drink donation scheme in place for talks, and can assist with cover charges for workshops if needed.
  • Access to our member-only webshop for great prices on maker bits.
    Maintained by one of our members, this shop is for our members where you can buy specialist parts, kits, and ancillaries at good prices. Custom makerspace snacks and beverages will also soon be on the menu!
  • A part in our bustling community of professional and hobbyist makers, with oodles of experience in a huge variety of topics.
    From someone who came into the space after it was established, just chatting to any one of our members reveals a solid passion for their knowledge. You can find out anything at the space, and someone will always be there to assist you. It’s an inspirational atmosphere to be a part of.


There is no commitment to a membership period. Our space is entirely run, managed and guided by its members, meaning that we all have the ability to change any aspect of it. We all work together to ensure its success.
Sign up is easy, and you can get started straight away.