Spring is in the air, so here’s a quick (if slightly belated) list of the Hackspace sessions for this month:

  • Thursday 3rd March (18:30)
  • Sunday 6th March (13:00 – 18:00)
  • Friday 11th March (18:30)
  • Friday 18th March (18:30)  ATTENTION – CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS
  • Friday 25th March (18:30)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Friday is the new Hackspace day!!
Do come along, whether it’s to chat, to see what our regulars are up to, or to seek advice and assistance with your own project. There’s usually quite a bit going on with recent projects as diverse as autonomous robotics, spinning wool, building 3D printers, upgrading quadcopters, and repairing things from toasters to musical instruments!
You can find Facebook events for the sessions (for those who like Facebook) in the Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace Facebook group. There’s also the Google Group and Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace Forum if you’d like to get involved.

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