With our weekly sessions as lively as ever there was a good turn out at last week’s with a wide range of projects under way. These included driving a VGA monitor using a PIC microcontroller, and replacing the power switch on a USB audio interface.
A VGA monitor displaying coloured blocks.  The monitor is on top of an oscilloscope displaying signal traces.  In the foreground a laptop is being used to edit code to run on the PIC microcontroller

A PIC microcontroller and assorted components in a breadboard.  A VGA lead is connected to drive the monitor.

The insides of a USB audio interface with a recently replaced power switch.

Among the other highlights were a sound controlled display, a variety of soldering, and designing and sewing clothes for a 3D printed Makie doll.

A tapering tower of perspex plates illuminated by LEDs ranging from green at the bottom to red at the top.

A helping hands magnifier in front of a temperature controller SMD rework soldering station.

A green haired 3D printed Makie doll wearing hand made victorian era inspired underwear.

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