I’ve jumped in the time-machine (and/or photo collections) to see the variety of project that have taken place in the makerspace over the last year. This is a list of some the most interesting and uncommon project to be found.

Laser Etched Necklace

The necklace started life that day as a tree branch. Using the bandsaw to make slices that were laser etched. Drill a hole for fixing. Then add a thin strip of recycled leather to complete the piece.

This is a great little project utilising the various tools availible in the makerspace.

Audio Mixer Modifiactions

The audio mixer and 3D printer were saved at the end of the lives. Both were solid built but electronics outdated. The 3D printer has been upgraded and nearly in full working order.

3D Printer repair
Modular Synthesiser
Leather Shoe Making

Plenty of leatherwork takes place in the makerspace. This shoe is one of the more complex and colourful pieces to be sighted.

Wizard Hat with added leather strap

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