What a great day. 5 from the Hackspace headed down to Brighton early to take part in the Brighton Mini Maker Faire. We brought along a range of projects to show including Peltier cooling/heating, 3D cube, naughty clown and blinking cat. We also had a number of kits for sale on the day based on the bare bones Arduino Shrimp we’ve been using at the Hackspace.

The Faire was busy from the moment the doors opened and we had a lot of interest in Duncan’s clown and cat, especially with the younger visitors to the faire. It was lovely to see how excited they got when the clown stuck it’s tongue out and the cat followed their hand as it moved from left to right and then blinked.

There were a number of very deep discussion on the use of peltier thermoelectric coolers and 3D cubes.

The kits got a lot of interest and had a lot of very happy customer. For those who already had Arduinos and the components to put the kits together we provided a free handout with the details for making the kit yourself.

More details and the Arduino Code: Shrimp_Kit_BMMF2013

We also handed out the printed case for the Raspberry Pi based on the Pi Punnet case. With our own modifications to allow access to the GPIO and camera ports as well as identifying the GPIO pins on the case.(no more hunting for the pin outs on elinux. 
Download the A4 layout for the Updated Pi Punnet

But the great success for the day and the main reason for attending was the interest in the Hackspace. We had a constant stream of people interested in the Hacksapce and in coming along to join us. So, hopefully over the next few weeks we will see an increase in the number of new people coming along.

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