Plans for Friday session 07/10

We’re still in the process of refurbishing our new space, so for now we’re sticking to just Friday for our open nights. However, due to the somewhat chaotic state of the space at the moment (still some construction going on), we’re limiting it to members only for now.…

I’ll be there to open up at about 18:00.

Notable Replies

  1. I will be going there directly from work, so the space will be open from about 18:00. If any of the other key-holders plan on getting there earlier, please let us know here so people know when they can get in.

  2. Hi - I've just moved to beside the Boileroom and am the (re)founder of SurreyEARS, the Surrey uni electronics and amateur radio society. I've meant to pop along to Farnborough before now as @Macaba kept bugging me to, but it was always a bit of a hop as I don't drive. I'm not a member at the moment but would it be alright to show my face on Friday and say hi?

  3. Sure, pop along. It's still a bit disorganised from the move and refurb, but if you're close enough to pop in, you're welcome :slight_smile:

  4. Can't amke it this week as at Orconf, normal service resumed next week for

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