Plans for Friday session 30/09

Just a little update for this week’s session. We’re still in the process of refurbishing our new space, so for now we’re sticking to just Friday for our open nights. However, due to the somewhat chaotic state of the space at the moment (more hammers’n’saws than arduinos’n’laptops), we’re limiting it to members only for now. Obviously if you’re in the area you’re welcome to pop by and have a look, but I wouldn’t expect any fancy makerspacey stuff going on just yet.

Watch this space…


Notable Replies

  1. If anyone is available, I still need one volunteer to meet me in Camberley to load up the laser.

  2. what time? I'm available from 17:00 onwards.

  3. Thanks, but I think we're okay - @AndrewPatience has already volunteered. I'll let you fight it out amongst yourselves if it's more convenient for one or the other of you :wink:

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